Concept Ideas


The Valley of the Spirits: A large bowl bowl shaped valley that houses many different ecosystems, species and peoples. The most prominent feature is a towering volcano the smolders at all times at its center and lowest point. From everywhere in the valley, you can see Khorivar, the volcano. At even increments, the valley trembles. It is a constant sign of the life granted by the volcano’s presence. the valley includes every ecosystem, from Tundra in the north to a Great Salt Lake in the south, marsh in the west, forest surrounding the volcano, etc. Desert in the east. There is a ring of impassable mountains all around the valley. No come in, no one goes out. This is normalcy for all the valleys inhabitants. Also, there is no sun in the valley. There is a consistent half light, day and night. People use the trembling of the volcano (we intend to give it a cool name) to tell time. All of this is so normal that we don’t want to explain it using exposition, we want it to just be figured out over time, contextually. The big reveal at the end of act 1 is that the valley is actually underground. It is a giant ark, meant to preserve all the inhabitants of of a world in chaos. A force has kept them their safe and unaware of their situation. This is a mystery we intend to keep until the end of the first 3rd of the story.

Nina Kahm-Mira

The main character is a young girl, around 16-18ish. She is the newly raised spiritual leader of the Kahm people near the rim of the valley of the spirits. Her people look mostly human, though they have a noticeable difference. They have spots on certain portions of their body, they older they get the more pronounced the spots. As children they are little more than freckles, as elders, the are almost like warpaint. Our heroine has them on her shoulders, and around her hairline for sure. The spots will have a color to them, we don’t know what yet. She has long hair with bangs, but keeps it up most of the time. She is from a very tribal people. They live in huts and cook over open flames, they are farmers mostly. They worship quote-the spirits-unquote and she is their spiritual leader. The role is hereditary, passed on from matriarch to matriarch, her grandmother, Enna Kahm-Mira just died, and her mother died when she was a child. So she is the youngest “we haven’t thought of her title yet” in her peoples history. She has 3 main outfits, an everyday, comfortable, travel type of clothing. It would consist of rugged leather boots, pants, perhaps a short skirt over her pants, and a loose-ish blouse with half length sleeves. We want her to have a slit cut in her sleeves from shoulder to elbow to expose her spots more. she also has a talisman around her neck, think it is made of wood or bone. Unknown to her, this is the source of her spiritual power, so make it cool! Feel free to add any cool tribal accessories, like feathers, bones, etc. me melee weapon of choice is a spear with some tribal flair to it. Her second outfit is a ridiculous cerimonial dress that is super bulky, incredibly hard to move in, and insanely uncomfortable. She hates it with a passion and would burn it if she had a choice. Think ornate, primal victorian. Her final outfit (that i can think of so far) is a wicked awesome battle suit. she doesn’t have it at the beginning of the story but it would be cool to know what she’ll look like later on. I’d like it to look otherworldly but still have some roots in her tribal past. Be creative! In rare moments of clarity, she is able to access the mysterious primal power that is in her talisman (think avatar state). She has no clue how she does it at first.

Kennick Greys, the Arbormancer

He is from a densely forested area of the valley. He is older than Nina, but still young and wild, embodying the survival of the forest: killing, eating, being hunted. He is able to shape trees and other forest plants into weapons and other items to aid him, otherwise kind of a brawler. He is the opposite of what you might think of in an elf, as are his people. Their life is a hard life, a constant struggle, it may even cause them to lose a few marbles. Think a cross between Wolverine and Radagast the Brown. We don’t exactly what he looks like yet, though I imagine he has epic hair, and lots of it. We want all of the main peoples of the valley to look mostly human with a twist or two. Any ideas you had here would be cool.

[Malcolm Kraft, the Lithomage (probably going to come up with a different name and/or title for him)

This guy looks nothing like an elf, but acts more like it than the forest guy. He is from the base of the volcano. His people are the slow burn, they control their emotions because they know that if they let it out, they would be very destructive, like the volcano. We want them to have a skin of stark contrast. They are mostly obsidian colored, with sharp angles in their faces, but not rocky, still flesh. They have a molten red color marbled through their skin, like granite. I’d imagine that everyones pattern would be different, like a fingerprint, but families would have common traits in their pattern, like klingon foreheads. I don’t think they have any hair on their bodies. He might be a blacksmith of sorts, a craftsman. As for clothes, go along the blacksmith lines, but any excuse to show off his cool skin is fun.

The Antagonist

someone who enters the valley for the first time. Perhaps the first to breach the seal. He sets in motion the nefarious actions of act one. A minion of the greater evil. He is searching for the fabled weapon that can destroy his masters, the titans. He is in a weakened state due to the strain it took to breach the seal. Normally he would just destroy the whole valley to be done with it, but he doesn’t have the power to do that anymore. He uses pawns and minions now to flush out this weapon. He begins his search with the mightiest of the valleys inhabitants, thinking only the mighty would have such a powerful weapon. He uses deception, manipulation and mysterious items brought from outside the valley.

Concept Ideas

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