Nina Kahm-Mira

Leader of the Fire, Binder of the Leaf, Dawn Bringer, Soul Seeker, and Bane of the Beneath


The main character is a young girl, around 16-18ish. Her people look mostly human, though with a noticeable difference: They have spots on certain portions of their body. The older they get, the more pronounced the spots. As children they are little more than freckles; as elders, they are almost like warpaint. Our heroine has them on her shoulders, and around her hairline for sure. The spots are darker than her surrounding skin. She has long hair with bangs, but keeps it up most of the time.

When Nina enters her “avatar state”, a semi-transparent spirit “shell” (a silvery white umbra) forms around her in the shape of whatever animal (or monster?) she is manifesting. Her eyes go white, and this aura is what actually touches things around her: if she claws somebody’s face, it’s the spirit claws that actually touch them, not her fingers.

She has 3 main outfits, an everyday, comfortable, travel type of clothing. It would consist of rugged leather boots, pants, perhaps a short skirt over her pants, and a loose-ish blouse with half length sleeves. We want her to have a slit cut in her sleeves from shoulder to elbow to expose her spots more. she also has a talisman around her neck, think it is made of wood or bone. Unknown to her, this is the source of her spiritual power, so make it cool! Feel free to add any cool tribal accessories, like feathers, bones, etc. Melee weapon of choice is a spear with some tribal flair to it, some big tassels off of the neck, and an obvious leaf-shaped blade.

Her second outfit is a ridiculous ceremonial dress that is super bulky, incredibly hard to move in, and insanely uncomfortable. She hates it with a passion and would burn it if she had a choice. Think ornate, primal victorian. Her grandmother Enna wears it also, but it looks dignified and regal on Enna.

Her final outfit (that i can think of so far) is a wicked awesome battle suit. she doesn’t have it at the beginning of the story but it would be cool to know what she’ll look like later on. I’d like it to look otherworldly but still have some roots in her tribal past. Be creative!


Nina is from a very tribal people. They live in huts and cook over open flames—they are farmers mostly. They worship “the spirits” and she is their spiritual leader. The role is hereditary, passed on from matriarch to matriarch. Her grandmother just died, and her mother died when she was younger. So she is the youngest “Ancient One” in her people’s history. She is the newly raised spiritual leader of the Kahm people near the rim of the valley of the spirits.

possible titles that others may use for her:
Harvest Teller

Nina Kahm-Mira

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