The Burning Leaf

Issue 5

5- There should be a fight between Nina and the elders. they go to kill the sick ones and Nina attempts to interfere. they try to go through her, she gets hurt and she defensively goes into the avatar state. This can be other ppl’s first sight of her awesome spirit powers. everyone is shocked, awed, amazed, and stunned, including Nina. she’s all “what did I do?” does she have a memory of what she does? I feel more like she doesn’t realize she’s doing it and doesn’t see it until she learns to use it. They leave the sick and attempt to rebuild elsewhere. The heroes stay behind and try to fix/save the people. Nina thinks this could be her duty, so she bosses some people around and has them start taking care of each other. She and Kennick seek out the forest spirit to help them heal the afflicted. They encounter a desecrated forest spirit, a zombie tree.



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