Carried down from ancient times by the Kahm tribe of the Plains Runners.

What it should include

  • There is a weapon in the valley that must be found in order to achieve victory.
  • Must be about going alone, being sent alone.
  • Should talk about being underground.
  • The Scar (of …sth)
  • The names Ancient One or Spirit Dancer?

The Prophecy Text

The Seal is breached, in flesh the spirits walk.
To end the war, one must go alone.
The Weapon waits, buried in the ground

When the Seal is Breached,
When the Spirits walk in Flesh,
When something is Reached,
And War begins afresh:

Alone, Soulseeker, go,
Else Destruction comes,

Buried in the ground

Else destruction comes


  • Nina could think this means the Volcano Soul – She is the Soulseeker, and the Heart of Khorivar is underground. She could also think it refers to the Forest Scar.
  • The Antagonist should think it’s completely about him winning the war. After all, he thinks it’s all about the Titan victory, and he is the Hero of Prophecy.
  • The Prophecy could actually be about the Titan victory itself, and the Kahm have just misunderstood it to be about them and the Valley gaining some kidn of victory.


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