A Lithomage is an elemental magic user who can control the earth—a Lithomage can cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and the most powerful of them can shape the earth itself. Lithomagic is very difficult to use and control, and comes with a heavy toll, both mental and physical.

All Lithomages come from the Khorivan race.


I don’t know how deep we want to go into our magic system, like do we need to BrandonSandersonify it into you expend X unit to do Y magic?

I do think I’m a fan of the term lithomage. It works for me.

the Lithosphere is the term for the surface of the earth, the top layer of the crust.

How about their control of their power is linked to their mental control. If they lose control of their emotions, their powers will run wild. Do we think that this power is special or common to their people? Also, I think that we don’t have to go all the way to BS, but can put in as much detail as aids the story. — love it, but i would say it’s a common power but at low levels, he’s a high level lithomage as the story starts


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