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The 4th and 5th Class

So far we have 3 excellent magic user types for our world. I need 2 more to have an anchor point for my 5-point wheel of interactions.

We have so far:
Spirit Dancer. This class manifests the powers of the Spirits in the area by entering an “avatar state” where the spirit energy is visible and tactile. The Spirit Dancer’s forte is sheer physical Power due to their magic, and they also excel in Avoidance and Trickery.

Arbormancer. This magic of the Forest People brings local flora to life and molds it into weapons and tools that can be used by the magic user. The Arbormancer excels at Trickery, also dabbling in Power and Intimidation.

Lithomage. This Khorivan releases uncontrollable earth magic when his emotions erupt, which of necessity forces him to keep his emotions firmly in check at all times. This stoic character is strongest at Reason, while also quite able at Intimidation and Avoidance.

My new classes:
Rotcaster. This denizen of the swamps are able to inspire death in all manner of things around them—plants wither, animals sicken, people lose strength, armor and weapons rust, and stones crumble. Rotcasters are strongest at Avoidance, but wield surprising Power and Reason.

Werelock. Pretty much only have the name for this one, but he’ll be strong in Intimidation, secondary in Trickery and Reason.


I would swap the powers if the new ones, I feel a werelock would be a shape shifter, a lycanthrope, that screams avoidance to me, and I think that if you saw your armor and weapons rot in front of your eyes, you’d be intimidated…

New Ideas

Love the names btw, good job on them!

New Ideas

that is actually very true. Rotcaster would be very intimidating…love it!

and yes, Werelock is a shapeshifter, not sure how I want it to work or what area of the Valley they hail from. and not sure how the warlock half feeds into it. i def don’t want them to be run of the mill shapeshifters. maybe they have to have some kind of connection to what they shift into….but how?

New Ideas

Maybe they have to touch what they change into for it to work. Maybe they become a hybrid of what their natural form is and whatever they touch. One creature at a time. So let’s lay they naturally look like Abe sapien from hellboy, they touch some moss, now they look like a humanoid moss creature. So they now have good camo. Or they touch a rabbit, now…. Okay, changing my idea, they are like animal man, but they have to have had previous contact with a given creature, maybe have a totem of said creature…

The ….lock portion of their name can just be inactive, doesn’t have to mean anything like Mage or mancer, doesn’t mean anything in particular. I’d say these are watery people, cause we don’t have that Eco system covered yet. Maybe their animal man nature starts with fish and moves beyond that as they explore the world…

New Ideas

Better than fish: birds. these are hawkmen maybe!

The rocky islands of the Great Sea to the North of Khorivar are home to the Sky Raiders, a race of humanoids with giant wings sprouting from their backs. They live a simple life of hunting and fishing among the crags of their island homes. Their magic is that of the Werelock: by focusing their shamanistic magic on various totem animals, they are able to fuse their bodies into twisted representations of those other animals. In effect, they trade their wings for the weapons of their totem animals. Most Werelocks are only able to fuse with a single totem, but the most powerful among them can take on new totems as easily as learning a new language.

New Ideas

Sounds good to me

New Ideas

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