The Burning Leaf

Arc 2 Outline

So I’d like to introduce the volcano people here, but not do the heart of the volcano story yet. We need to save priya. I don’t know how long to drag that out. I want the volcano people to maybe be perceived as villains at first. They are menacing looking, live in a fiery volcano, the archetypical villain, but then we find out they are honorable, perhaps a bit cold and aloof, but good people with the valleys best interest at heart. They want to guard and protect khorivar. We need to introduce them to our heroes in a cool way, then have them help save priya. Maybe a peak into the villain and his plans to destroy khorivar.

Issue 7
Open on a Khorivan male running through a large stone hallway, perhaps lava, have some villianous text boxes. Have him approach a Khorvan female and say something like, “Mother, Khorivar is restless, the beneath is rising.” She responds “Then our task is nearly complete.”
Jump back to Nina and Kennick and the forest spirit(?).

Issue 8

Issue 9

Issue 10

Issue 11

Issue 12



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